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Honda Accord

Honda's new 2.2 i-CDTi SE sounds like great value; it comes stuffed with plenty of equipment and fine 2.2 turbodiesel engine - designed by the same bloke who invented the legendary VTEC system.

Honda AccordHonda Accord 2The price? A bargain bucket £18,600 which, when you compare spec-for-spec, stacks up mightily well against established rivals like Ford's Mondeo and the Renault Laguna.

There's just one problem. Honda is referring to it in is literature as the 'Price Fighter' specification, which is about as sexy as calling it the 'Happy Shopper Exclusive Edition'. No, Honda. No.

Still, if you're put off by the daft name, there's also the new Sport GT model. It also uses the 2.2 turbodiesel, but looks a bit sportier thanks to 17in alloys, dark chrome grille and door handles, boot spoiler, carbon-effect interior inserts, and the option of racy White Pearl paint.

Better than that, you won't have to hang your head when you tell people about it down the pub.

You can buy the Sport GT from September 1 for £20,767.

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