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Pagani Zonda

If you're in the market for a Pagani Zonda F, you'd better be quick because the last few are up for grabs.

The final five Zonda F Roadsters have still to find homes, but after that it's all over for road-going Zondas... for now at least.

Pagani ZondaMemorable for so many reasons - not least for scaring the Hamster witless on twisty French country lanes - the Zonda is one of the few supercar dreams to have made it into reality.

And not a bad reality either, thanks to that Mercedes-sourced 7.3-litre V12 and styling that looks like it fell from Mars.

Still, it's not all bad news because Pagani is planning a Zonda F track car, although you'll need the thick end of £500,000 to put one in your garage.

Pagani is playing close to its chest with details, but expect more than 700bhp, a stripped-out cabin and a 220mph top speed when the car goes on sale in 2008. Oh, and a seriously limited production run.

There's also word on a fresh road-going Pagani arriving in 2008. It won't be another Zonda, and it might just get an eight-litre V12. More details when we get them...

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