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2007 Paulin VR Concept

(from Paulin Motor Company) Gothenburg 2006-12-20

Paulin Motor Company launches innovative concept vehicle

2007 Paulin VR Concept2007 Paulin VR Concept 22007 Paulin VR Concept 32007 Paulin VR Concept 42007 Paulin VR Concept 5Paulin Motor Company, founded by well-knowned designer Daniel Paulin launches its first vehicle. This concept car aims to demonstrate Paulins vision of future design directions aiming for the market requirements of 2012 and further.

Daniel Paulin have a background as designer at Ford Motor Company where he among other projects where responsible for the exterior design for the 2004 Ford Focus concept car, the exterior Ford Focus C-Max 2003 and also designer for the FAB1, Thunderbirds the movie.

- I have studied the development of the last decennium and believe this is a logical development where I have tried to create shapes where controlled sculptural surfaces meets dynamic graphical break-ups, says Daniel Paulin, CEO and Creative Director of Paulin Motor Company.

Paulin Motor Company has used Opticore visualization solutions to produce images and real-time presentation environments.

- Opticore Real Time Ray Tracing has helped my product to come to live, Daniel Paulin says. Since there is no physical mock-up, Opticore solutions have given me a great solution to demonstrate my vehicle for prospective partners. Its very interesting times for the high end visualization business. With Opticores tools, the boundary in-between virtual reality and real life is now removed. The quality has reached a level where many design decisions can be made with out the need of physical prototypes.

Paulin currently involved on several design projects around the globe will continue to launch concepts to highlights trends and ideas of where automotive are and should develop.

The concept car features several creative solutions both from a design and a technical perspective.

With its proportion the car is a pure 2 seated GT concept. Cockpit feeling is inspired by modern jet-fighters. The windshield/roof is hinge in the cowl area. In open position, the doors can be open independently.

The rear wing is integrated in body with a flush condition. In use it moves up and rotates to create appropriate down force. Camera mirrors in the shape of blades, located above the rear fender for best visibility. The view can be seen on a wide display just above the instrument panel.

In the interior, less is more - 2 bucket seats, steering wheel, gear shifter and a control unit. Paulin continues. This concept car is a pure driving oriented vehicle where the design intent is all about simplicity and functionality in true Scandinavian fashion.

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