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Nissan GT-R racer

This is our first look at the new Nissan GT-R racer, which will debut in next year's Japanese Super GT series.

Nissan GT-R racerNissan GT-R racer-2Unfortunately for Nissan and its racing/tuning arm, NISMO, this is not a series in which the production car's amazing four-wheel-drive traction will give it an advantage, like the Skyline GT-Rs of old: the cars are built to very specific regulations which outlaw four-wheel-drive and allow bespoke silhouette designs.

This year, the championship was won by a Honda NSX, which beat Nissan's 350Z racer. Whether or not the new GT-R will be more successful remains to be seen, but it shares little with the road-going car. Nissan GT-R Still, it doesn't rob the Super GT car of its visual impact. It's quite something, and it's a shame they'll have to run it with sponsors - this black colour is perfect.

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