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2008 AC Schnitzer BMW ACS1 3.5i

(from AC Schnitzer Press Release) The Legend Continues: The AC Schnitzer ACS1 3.5i

Not only in proportions is the new 1-series Coupe a worthy successor to the BMW 2002, but also technically: As in the 70s, the current most powerful standard version is powered by a "charged" engine. Daringly, the overtaking prestige was then enhanced further by the mirror-image Turbo logo on the front spoiler.

2008 AC Schnitzer BMW ACS1 3.5i2008 AC Schnitzer BMW ACS1 3.5i-2In the 1-series Coupe, the possibilities are more refined, not least thanks to AC Schnitzer from Aachen. And it is on one particularly legendary circuit, the Nьrburgring North Loop, that Manfred Wollgarten, Technical Director at AC Schnitzer, set up the sports suspension for the ACS1 3.5i. As a Touring Car driver, he knows what he's doing. He also sent the Coupe on its way with another strut brace for the front, to further reduce the torsion of a body already very stiff as standard. So at every point on the course, the driver has total control over the vehicle to centimetre precision when he turns the neat AC Schnitzer 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel.

And that's good, because finally the unrestrained power of the biturbo engine is applied on the right track. Especially since AC Schnitzer has not only improved the downforce of the vehicle, but also its thrust. Its heart now beats at 360 instead of 306 HP (265 instead of 225 kW) and accelerates the fiery 1-series Coupй to 100 km/h in less than five seconds. At the same time, the maximum torque rises from 400 to 450 Nm and the top speed from 250 to an impressive 300 km/h.

Values which you can not only see but also hear because the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer
with its refined "Racing“ tailpipe sounds its baritone. It goes almost without saying that
AC Schnitzer also offers a range of sporting alloy wheels for the ACS1 3.5i. The perfect
complement with their sleek and refined design are the Type IV "BiColor" rims in size 8.5Jx19"
and tyres 225/35R19. The stuff of dreams for drivers of the BMW 2002, just like the countless
attractive interior components from AC Schnitzer in the form of controls and decor elements of
aluminium and carbon.

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