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Diamond in the rough Bentley reaches HCM City

Bentley is one of the favorite brands among Vietnamese connoisseurs. The limited edition Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series was launched in 2006, to celebrate 60 years of Bentley at Crewe. Only 400 units were produced.

Bentley Continental Bentley Continental -2Bentley Continental -3Bentley Continental -4Now, the owner of a HCM City-based company, specializing in producing construction materials, has decided to shell out eight billion VND to purchase the Bentley Continental GT, a model commemorating the 60th anniversary of Bentley’s factory. The beige Bentley Continental GT reached Vietnam on December 26 and was ordered by a Vietnamese car importer through a US dealer more than a few months ago.

The GT Diamond series flaunt especially luxurious interiors with a maximum speed of 318 km/h. A car enthusiast estimated that the imported Bentley Continental GT is worth $180,000. But, as it goes through official channels, it will be worth $475,200 (60% import tax, 50% luxury tax, and 10% VAT). A brand new Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2008 is valued at $448,773, after tax.

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