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2008 Arden Range Rover AR7

(from Arden Press Release) Elegance, discreet sportiness and understatement have always been the characteristics of British cars. The car enhancement specialist and registered automobile manufacturer from Krefeld was unable to resist the attraction of these vehicles over 30 years ago. It has for many years been a refuge for customers wanting it to individualise their Jaguar or Range Rover and emphasize its typical characteristics.

2008 Arden Range Rover AR72008 Arden Range Rover AR7-22008 Arden Range Rover AR7-3Ardens latest development is the AR7. It is based on the Range Rover LM, which Arden completely converts and provides with more overtaking prestige. The base vehicle which is impressive due to its sheer size becomes captivating with its extraordinary sporty look. Meanwhile enhanced performance of the Range Rover compressor motor contributes to the sporty driving performance.

Superior performance
Arden obtains not less than 480 HP from the from the supercharged V8, its cubic capacity having been raised to 4.5 litres. Together with the torque which has been increased to an ample 680 Nm, this provides the not exactly light Range Rover with an appealing driving performance. The sheer power catapults the British SUV from nought to one hundred km/h in 6.5 seconds. Outstanding engine power goes without saying. Even if speeds beyond 200 km/h do not happen often due to the flow of traffic, the Arden AR7s 480 HP make over 240 km/h possible.

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