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Chicago '08 Preview Ford Transit Connect rumored to arrive

We were reported last January that the European Ford Transit Connect would be coming to the U.S., and now we've learned that the Euro van is expected to join the assemblage of debuts at this year's Chicago Auto Show.

Ford Transit ConnectFord Transit Connect-2Speculation is that the front-wheel-drive mini-ish vans will hit showrooms as a 2009 model and come with a 4-cylinder engine. It is also said to have seating for five, but meant to compete with another, larger European transplant, the Dodge Sprinter.

Since Ford hasn't even acknowledged that the vehicle will be at Chicago, it hasn't issued a price, but MSRP for the Sprinter Van is $32,150 and the Sprinter Wagon goes for $34,350. If nothing else, we're happy to see Ford's European migration this way continuing, and there's even a Transit Connect SportVan! Now if we could work on some of those passenger car offerings...

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