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Detroit Autoshow 2008 Chrysler 300C Hollywood limousine

Chrysler 300C Hollywood limousine comes face to face with the oddly similar Maybach Landaulet with every revolution of its turnstile. Like the Landaulet, the 300C Hollywood also features a partially exposed cabin, but this time over the front seats rather than the rears. The fully-enclosed rear passenger cabin is accessed by two large suicide doors and features plenty of leg room thanks to its chassis stretch.

008 Chrysler 300C Hollywood008 Chrysler 300C Hollywood-2There's also a repository for three bottles of Cristal (or whatever bottled spirits you prefer to imbibe) and two flutes in between the seats. Meanwhile, the driver is left to convene with Mother Nature and her elements up front where the interior luxe is decidedly lesser. In fact, the 300C Hollywood limo becomes much more interesting when you look at it through a socio-polical lens. It's clear where the Haves and the Have Nots are supposed to sit, with a nice partition in between them to keep the classes separated. OK, perhaps we should just pop open a bottle of Cristal and stop reading into it too much.

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