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Mercedes CLC

Now we've got that pesky Padberg woman out the way, we can have a proper look at the new  Mercedes CLC. We saw a couple of teaser shots of the baby coupe, but now the two-door C-Class has been revealed in all its voguish glory.

Mercedes CLCMercedes CLC-2When we say C-Class, we're talking about the old one: like its predecessor, which launched in 2001, the CLC is based on the previous-gen C. But Merc engineers say they have revised more than 1,100 components to bring it bang into fashion.

Most obviously, the CLC's front end has been completely overhauled, giving it a similar face to the current C-Class. It's a similar story round the back, with a LED brakelight strip stolen straight off the C. Following the SLK and the SL, the CLC gets Merc's new direct steering system, which should provide more tactile, sporty handling and do away with the traditional lazy Mercedes cornering manners.

There are no surprises under the bonnet: the CLC comes with the same choice of engines as the current C-Class, minus the 6.2-litre V8 out the C63 AMG. Opt for one of the bigger V6s and you've got the choice of a seven-speed auto with flappy paddles, or a six-speed manual.

No word on prices yet, but the new Merc CLC will go on sale in Europe from May this year.

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