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Spyker - The car Jet Li drove in the movie War will cost you 300,000 Euros

Just got done watching the movie War with Jet Li and Jason Statham. Did I enjoy the movie? YEA! What’s not to like? Fighting, shooting, guns, all kinds of guns, gangsters killing each other.. and CARS! It doesn’t take much to make me like a movie, as long as the plot is not too wacky, and there’re planty of action, gadgets and cars to keep me entertained, I’m happy.

SpykerSpyker-2Spyker-3Anyways, back to the cars. I was just drooling over the car that Jet Li was driving. Of course as soon as the movie was done.. I was Googling for more infor about it.

This baby has 400 hourses under those curves and a top speed of 187 MPH! Unless there were some special effects added to the movie, it purrrrred like a wildcat coming at ya!

If you want to buy one it’ll cost you about 300,000 Euros (convert that yourself).

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