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Taiwan Hybrid - Door Less Solar Car

Hybrid is the future of automobile industry. They say wicked wheels know how to maintain a balance by giving a due amount of respect to environment and also bringing a smile on the face of its pround owner. And I believe in this!My curiosity is what’s latest happening at the front of solar cars? If you are also wondering the same then answer lies in the World Solar Challenge competition. The car of the year was coupe designed by researchers at the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences in Taiwan.

Taiwan Door Less Solar CarWeighing 250kg, it has a top speed of 70mph with built-in lithium-polymer batteries that has the potential to tap sun’s profuse rays for continuous three hours. Being carved out from Nomex honeycomb, it is robust and has earned good reputation in the market. It is fire resistant and has been used for aircraft and spaceship parts. It is been said that by this year end, the car will hit the market for $25,000. You want attached doors or it door less coupe looks more unique?

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