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SEAT Leon Cupra K¹

Every so often, we wish that Volkswagen's SEAT brand was available here in the US. Sure, the Spanish automaker's vehicles are badge-engineering exercises that raid the corporate partsbin for powertrains, switchgear, and the like, but their styling is unique and some of the packages have definite appeal.

SEAT Leon Cupra K¹SEAT Leon Cupra K¹-2Take, for instance, the just-announced UK-market Leon Cupra K¹. With the stylish Leon Cupra as its base, the K¹ adds an appearance package that is, to put it plainly, pretty bitchin'. Intended to make the car look more like the Cupra BTCC racers, the kit includes new front and rear treatments, side skirts, and a sweet-looking center-exit exhaust. We think the K¹ kit is actually better-looking than the BTCC bodywork. Like its standard-bodied counterpart, the K¹ gets power from a 240 PS (236 HP) version of VW's 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder. That's good enough to give the Cupra a top speed of 153 mph. Hot hatch, indeed.

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