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2008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X530 Diesel

(from Lumma Design Press Release) Power diesel in white suit: LUMMA DESIGN CLR X530 on the basis of the BMW X5 3.0d and 3.0sd

* CLR X530 body kit with broad assembly parts for X5; light weight bonnet
* White paint finish and white rims (LUMMA Racing 3; see photographic material)
* Increase in diesel performance to 275 bhp and 600 Nm (3.0d), as well as 330 bhp and 660 Nm (3.0sd)
* Engine optics package with carbon parts and red-coated components
* LUMMA complete wheels in 22 inch
* Lower suspension setting of 40 mm; racy exhaust covers
* Numerous elegant interior accessories

2008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X530 Diesel2008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X530 Diesel-22008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X530 Diesel-3After LUMMA DESIGN recently unleashed the X5 as the X530 with brute-force 530 bhp, the German tuner has now also turned its attention to the diesel versions. They have also been treated to the broader X530 aerodynamic kit in addition to a substantial increase in power delivery and torque. This also cuts a good figure in white, which is complemented by white wheels (see photographic material). In addition, LUMMA has made changes to the chassis, sound and interior.

Performance enhancement for 3.0d and 3.0sd
LUMMA has implemented the diesel motor tuning with its D-Power-Box. This additional electronic circuit now coaxes a generous 275 bhp out of the 3.0d, instead of the standard 235. The torque increases from 520 to a convincing 600 Nm. The 3.0sd attains performance data that makes some sports cars turn pale in comparison. This is because, a phenomenal 330 bhp, instead of 286, has been fitted and instead of 580, there are 660 Nm on the power train.

Of course, LUMMA also continues to offer a performance enhancement for the 4.8 litre pertrol-V8 by a moderate 28 bhp or by considerably more horsepower to 530 bhp, in this case with compressor.

An even sportier rear appearance for the 3.0d and 3.0sd is guaranteed by LUMMA’s exhaust pipe covers, two on each side (120x95 mm). LUMMA continues to furnish the petrol versions with the complete sport exhaust system of stainless steel.

More information on LUMMA’S extensive tuning program can be found on the Internet at

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