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2009 Bugatti Veyron Fbr Preview

For some folks, two is too many -- even when it comes to the relatively mass market world of automobiles.

Indeed, exclusivity is, as much as anything, the appeal of a car like the Bugatti Veyron 16/4. Yet even at more than a million Euros, a buyer might actually suffer the indignity of seeing another one of the 1000-horsepower supercars show up at the club. What's a billionaire to do?

2009 Bugatti Veyron FbrCough up a bit more - for a cool 1.55 million of those increasingly valuable Euros - and get the even more exclusive Bugatti Veyron Fbr. It's a joint effort of Bugatti, a subsidiary of the big Volkswagen AG, and the French luxury company, Hermes.

If it seems like an odd pairing, it turns out Ettore Bugatti and Emil Hermes first worked together almost 100 years ago, when the French automaker turned to the saddle specialist to produce a custom-stitched trunk for the first Buggati Royale. Over the years, they worked together on a number of projects, though this is the first time the two brands have come back together since VW acquired and revived the French supercar marque, ten years ago.

With a maximum run of 300 Veyrons, and over 220 already ordered, you likely won't run into another Hermes edition, even racing around the countryside at nearly 250 mph in the 1001-horsepower Fbr. The 16-cylinder engine and drivetrain remain the same on the Hermes-badged model, but there are a number of striking visual changes, starting with the distinctive, two-tone paint scheme that begins at the nose, sweeps through the cabin and flows across the back deck, below the Veyron's spoiler. The car's grille has been redesigned, now featuring an H-pattern laser cut and hand-finished in aluminum.

The limited-edition model will be available late in 2008.

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