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2008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X530

(from Lumma Design Press Release) Wider and faster: CLR X530 from LUMMA DESIGN based on the new BMW X5.

Once again, LUMMA DESIGN takes on a real challenge - now with the new X5. The Swabian tuners provide an individualized appearance implementing outer and inner enhancements for the exceptional successful Bavarian SAV. Additionally, under the X5's hood the 4.8 litre V8 has received a moderate power enhancement. Voilà: the CLR X530 is born!

2008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X5302008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X530-2Power enhancement plus striking engine kit
The 4.8-Litre V8 from BMW certainly doesn't belong to the weakest category and while one can never have enough power, LUMMA encourages just a wee bit more horsepower out. The increase power of 21 kW/ 28 HP obtains LUMMA with new programming of engine electronics including fine tuning. Following the available from LUMMA-only modifications, is an increase of top speed by about 10 to 15 km/h as well as approximately 35 Nm increased torque for a superior locomotion. The really big bomb being geared up from LUMMA for the Essen Motor Show 2007 is a compressor alternation whose engine power can easily be derived from the name of the body kit X530! A super-X5!

A further performance plus promises LUMMA's sport stainless steel exhaust system. The possible extra power gained from this flap control equipped construction moves in the range from ca. 6-8 kW. Available added extras are the sporty end tailpipes for both series as well as LUMMA equipped vehicles. LUMMA offers the four-pieced set (size: 125x95 mm) in either in black or anodised silver for diesel and gasoline engine vehicles for application with LUMMA rear apron.

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