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McLaren F1 LM

Ten years ago, Lewis Hamilton was only 13 years old and was already under the wing of McLaren chief Ron Dennis. A young Lewis visited the McLaren headquarters in Woking, England, and fixed his eyes on a bright orange McLaren F1 LM supercar sitting on display at the factory. Good taste, Lewis: only five roadgoing LMs were made, and each one is said to be worth about $4 million. Produced in 1995 to commemorate McLaren's win at Le Mans, it was the fastest supercar of its day, and with a 0-60 time of under three seconds, it remains one of the fastest to this day.

McLaren F1 LM-1McLaren F1 LM-2Ron Dennis has now promised Hamilton that if he wins the world championship this year – and locks up the constructors' title together with teammate Heikki Kovalainen – the car will be his. Not a bad bonus.

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