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2008 Skoda Roomster Comparo

Models tested:
Skoda Roomster 1.6 Petrol (automatic) $29,290 - Tested
Skoda Roomster 1.9 Turbo Diesel (manual) $28,990 - Tested

Metallic Paint $540 (Fitted); Park Distance Control (Rear) $690 (Fitted); Alarm System $530; Roof Rails $330 (Fitted); Panoramic Roof $1690 (Fitted).

2008 Skoda Roomster Comparo-12008 Skoda Roomster Comparo-2The funky Skoda Roomster is no stranger to the CarAdvice office having been reviewed by Karl some months ago. So rather than review it again, I used the Roomster as a little science project to help solve the most important conundrum of the modern age – petrol versus diesel.
My first guinea pig was the petrol variant, in this case the Roomster Style 1.6 litre four-cylinder. The double overhead cam sixteen valve engine revs rather freely and like most petrol engines, develops the majority of its motivation higher in the rev range.

The multi-point injection set up helps develop a rather smooth 77kW which is on board at 5,600 rpm, just shy of the red line. Coupled with a somewhat lack luster torque figure of 153Nm @ 3,800rpm the figures don’t really do a lot to inspire a would-be buyer, at least on paper.

Fortunately for the petrol Roomster the transmission is its saving grace, which is why I chose to review the automatic. In my opinion it does a better job than the manual when mated to this particular petrol engine, and made for a fairer comparison to the TDI model.

The six-speed automatic (with sport mode and tiptronic style shifter – floor mounted) adapts itself to your driving style and very quickly learns how best to react to throttle input selecting the required gear to keep Roomster moving at a respectable pace.

Moving on to the diesel now, the Roomster Style TDI comes in one guise only, the slightly higher capacity 1.9 litre five-speed manual. The single overhead cam eight valve turbo charged oiler manages 77kW, just like its petrol brother, though the power comes on sooner - 4,000rpm due to the low revving nature of a diesel engine.

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