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2008 Volkswagen Passat V6 4Motion review

One Euro option to consider in the Estate/Avant/Wagon market is the Volkswagen Passat V6 4Motion. With more of a split dash layout, looking more like an Audi A4 in style, it pushes the conservative image away, moving more into modern territory.

2008 Volkswagen Passat V6 4Motion-12008 Volkswagen Passat V6 4Motion-22008 Volkswagen Passat V6 4Motion-3The exterior has also been upgraded, with the V-shaped chrome front end, echoing the Jetta and Golf R32, without looking too much like a boy-racer. The styling of the wagon actually suits the car’s front end better than the sedan, especially when looking at a three quarter view. There’s more of that sports-estate look and less of the droopy slater rear guards that the sedan has.

It’s essentially the same engine as in the VW Golf R32 and Multivan, just slightly muted to suit the “family” image. Yet, at 184kW and 330Nm, there’s enough poke to haul the kids and the dog across the quarter mile in 15.3 seconds. 100km/h is gone in 7.2 seconds.

The 4Motion system is also a winner. A joy on dirt and gravel, it sends plenty of power to the rear for some “hope the wife doesn’t notice” fun. Even on bitumen - with the ESP off - enter a corner at speed and just before you hit the apex, press the throttle. Load up the steering, feel the front wheels pushing wide and straight after the apex, lift off. Welcome to oversteer city.
This is a genuinely fun car to drive with adjustable handling that’s completely predictable. The Haldex coupling is used to drive the rear wheels, and is absolutely imperceptible when it kicks in, meaning it really does feel like a full-time all wheel drive vehicle.

The brakes are also excellent, slightly overdone, but the initial grab makes highway work a joy. They will fade when really pushed though, but recover quickly. The steering is electric, so it lacks feel, but it’s precise and reasonably direct. Of course, the ride is firm, but not uncomfortable and the body control is commendable.

Then there’s the kit. Rain-sensing wipers, auto lights on, eight airbags, electronic park brake, automatic hill hold, parking sensors front and rear, Xenon headlights, LED tail-lights, perforated leather seats, fold-flat floor, and of course, the most important – an umbrella holder in the drivers door. $56,990 is par for the course too, for Euro wagons in todays market.

Combine that with a rocketship engine, plenty of space, good looks and proper driveability. It has a few shortcomings, but to live with day to day the V6 Passat is good, no question.

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