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2008 Maserati Quattroporte Review

The Maserati Quattroporte promises all of the above. The legendary Italian manufacturer has a strong tradition of competition and sports car building and has fused their technology and sporting pedigree into the opulence of a luxury saloon.

The tested car was the brand new 2008 Executive GT Automatic; the flagship variant of the luxury four-door five-seater Quattroporte. Styled by noted Italian automotive designer Pininfarina, this car takes design cues from the ‘70s. There’s a retrospective and nostalgic look to the rear quarter of the Quattroporte; the ‘C’ pillars and boot area are reminiscent of some of the sports saloons of thirty years ago.

2008 Maserati Quattroporte-12008 Maserati Quattroporte-2The front end and grille are aggressively styled and the combination of all of the athletic curves and muscular lines, combine to make the entire car a boldly styled and achingly handsome, if intimidating form.

At cruising speeds, the big car is unflustered, dignified and sweeps along motorways and ‘A’ roads with grace. Inside the sumptuous leather cabin, everything’s calm, the famously immoderate way that Maserati furnishes its cars is obvious wherever you look and the driver’s seat is a very pleasant place indeed. My only mild grumbles are that there’s less legroom in the rear than a Lexus LS or a Jaguar XJ and that the wind noise is a bit louder than I would have expected.

Engine noise is a different story, it just fantastic. The big Ferrari-sourced V8 produces a deliciously thunderous growl when you goad it. It’s worth just sitting and gunning it, listening to the big twin exhausts barking in symphony with the roar of the tuned motor. On the drop-off there’s a lovely series of muffled cracks. Working hard through the gears is inspiring – it makes all the right noises.

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