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2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review

What's New for 2009
A 2.4-liter 168-horsepower four-cylinder engine is newly standard on the GTS trim level this year. The DE and ES trim levels retain the 2.0-liter 152-hp four. The GTS also gains new gauges this year, while the FAST Key keyless ignition/entry system migrates to the Sun and Sound Package, leaving the hard drive navigation system as a stand-alone option. The ES trim gains an optional Sport Package that includes some of the GTS's styling elements, such as the big rear wing.

2009 Mitsubishi LancerLast year, the Mitsubishi Lancer had a minor problem. Visually, it promised to be more than its humble price tag would imply. The GTS trim level, in particular, boasted a giant rear wing and 18-inch wheels that fervently declared, "I can go fast." Problem was, it actually didn't. The car's 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine produced class-competitive 0-60 sprints, but it had virtually no low-end power, requiring the driver to maintain an objectionably loud engine speed of at least 3,200 rpm in order to achieve even moderate passing power.

For the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer's lower DE and ES trim level, the old engine carries over for the more sedate-driving, economy-minded consumer. But for the driver who wants his or her fast-looking car to be, well, fast, Mitsubishi has dropped a larger 2.4-liter engine into the GTS's engine bay. Thanks to increased displacement, it produces 16 more horsepower and, more importantly, 21 additional pound-feet of torque. This engine is not only more responsive, it's also substantially quieter. Zero-to-60-mph times drop by about a second, and fuel economy -- although not particularly impressive -- is about the same as the smaller engine.

The 2009 Lancer isn't a mainstream economy car like a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla, as it lacks the refinement, fuel economy and reputation to match up with these cars. But that's fine by us. In addition to its aggressive styling, the Lancer boasts above-average handling and an impressive array of high-tech features that until recently were reserved for luxury automobiles. Those interested in finding the sportiest option available could be happier with a Mazda 3, but if you're looking for a car that stands out as a viable alternative to the small sedan status quo, this Mitsubishi is worth a look.

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