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Porsche video special: 959, Carrera GT, 911 Turbo, GT2

CAR's June 2008 issue celebrates 60 years of one of the most revered sports car makers: Porsche. We drive the key cars from the past six decades, spend a day with Derek Bell testing the hardcore cars and interview the people who make the company tick. For our cover story, we gathered four of the marque's supercars - and you can watch them in action in our video below:

• 959 (1987)
• 911 Turbo (1989)
• Carrera GT (2004)
• 911 GT2 (2008)

Our short film gives you a sneak look behind the scenes at the CAR photoshoot in an empty industrial warehouse. Photographers Mark Fagelson and Gus Gregory are snapping in the background, while road test editor Chris Chilton introduces the cars.

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