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2008 Cobra Venom V8 Concept

(from Cobra Venom Press Release) True spiritual successor to the classic AC/Shelby Cobra has finally arrived.

Based in Surrey, UK, designer Jamie Martin is proud to reveal the new Cobra Venom V8 concept; a celebration of the great Anglo-American partnership that produced one of the most iconic racing cars of the last Century. With it's combination of unmistakable looks, raw performance and muscle-car spirit, the Cobra Venom V8 brings the power and charisma of the racing classic into the 21st Century.

2008 Cobra Venom V8 Concept-12008 Cobra Venom V8 Concept-2Providing all of the the thrills that the name has made legend, a supercharged Ford V8 block offers projected performance figures of 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds, and a top speed of 214mph. The Cobra can once again proudly sit alongside the top marques of the World.

The original Cobra's story begins in the 1960's with the production of the Ace roadster by specialist Surrey-based British sports car company AC. Wanting to find a competitor for the Chevrolet Corvette, American ex-racing driver Carroll Shelby requested AC modify the Ace to accept a small block V8 engine, and the resulting car was re-named the Cobra. It was an instant success, and soon became a legendary race winner in both Europe and America.

When upgraded with bigger and more powerful engines, the Cobra became a fearsome and truly unbeatable racing car. Along with the mechanical alterations made to enable the original Ace to be fit for racing, the necessary bodywork alterations provided the Cobra with it's now unmistakable muscular appearance. The AC/Shelby Cobra has since become a true classic of the motoring world, as both a roadster and racing car - cementing it's iconic place in history.

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