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Renault Grand Scenic ZEV H2 zero emission prototype

From the pages of appears news on a new concept car fuel cell created by Renault and Nissan to demonstrate the technology being studied for upcoming models. The Grand Scenic ZEV H2 has a fuel cell system entirely created by Nissan, while Renault technicians are working on transforming the original Scenic to accommodate the new electronic and technical apparatus required without reducing passenger space.

Renault Grand Scenic ZEV H2The technology at the base of the Scenic ZEV H2 is the same seen on the Nissan X-Trail Fuel Cell, in testing phase for the last two years. The two concept cars will be taken on a tour of various European shows to introduce the public to the new technology and alternative sources to petrol. The Scenic in particular will be presented in Barcellona in occasion of the Atelier Ambiente (Environment Show) from June 18 to 27.

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