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2008 BMW Z0 Concept Design by Andrei Avarvarii

(from Andrei Avarvarii) Designed by Romanian fresh industrial design graduates Andrei Avarvarii (exterior design) and Adrian Vasiliu (interior design) the BMW Z0 project is a sports car for the next decade.

The fuel-challenged years ahead are a real threat to the traditional driver’s machine. However we think that, by going back to the roots of the automobile, we were able to create a smart, efficient and environment friendly sports car.

2008 BMW Z0 ConceptFor many years the key to performance was the power to weight ratio and not just power. Manufacturers these days seem to have forgotten that and got absorbed in an absurd competition for power.

The Z0 is the proof that less can be better. As the name suggests the car is intended as the smallest sports car produced by BMW. The “0” number signifies that the vehicle is reduced to the essence and it has zero harmful emissions.

The small 1.6 liter turbo hydrogen engine and the 450 kg kerb weight ensure top performance in an affordable package. Modern, yet nostalgic the Z0 is a tribute to the cars designed for the lucky person behind the wheel. The open cockpit offers unfiltered driving pleasure similar to the competition cars.

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