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Audi A1 Cabrio debut at Frankfurt in 2009

This is the smallest and most easy going offering from Audi, developed for and aimed at a young clientele. It’s carefree and versatile, and according to Auto Express, author of this rendering, Audi will present the A1 concept car at the next Frankfurt show in September 2009. About 12 months after this open-top, we should see commercial production of the Metroproject Quattro.

Audi A1 Cabrio -1Audi A1 Cabrio -2The declared adversary of the A1 will be the Mini convertible, also to debut next year, which should have a more complex roof system that folds into the boot area.

The Audi A1, a different kettle of fish to the English car, will see an aluminum roof similar to the system adopted by the unlucky A2. The engine range will be completely different though, with a turbo compressor, and a 1.6 aspirated engine as the basis of the range. There will also be the TSI 1.4, the 1.8 and the future jewel in the crown, distinguished by the letter S.

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