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2008 Honda Accord Euro - Review

Bettering the original Euro was always going to be a challenge, after all it’s still a very contemporary looking and highly relevant car. But fortunately for us resting on its laurels isn’t something Honda does and from where I stand, that can only be a good thing.

Dimensionally bigger in almost every direction AccordEuro encapsulates a sporty yet elegant stance with an assertive front end drawing sharper angles and crisp crease lines to a point from its flowing, progressively up swept profile, kind of like a well ironed shirt. The athletically wider track further highlights Euro’s slightly shorter stance and perhaps best of all the rear end is endowed with a softer finish that is more dignified and less boy-racer than the predecessor, again a very good thing.

2008 Honda Accord Euro-12008 Honda Accord Euro-2Inside Honda’s commitment to above average material use and arrangement is clearly evident as are the comfortable ergonomics, tech-savvy equipment levels, sassy appearance and generous proportions. The leather clad heated memory seats offer an elevated level of comfort over those of Euro’s nearest competitors as well as providing decent support and a lovely welcoming feel, which is a refreshing change from the often brash, cheaper leather trims found in so many rivals.

The DOHC, 16-valve power plant has been revised slightly for the new model and now incorporates larger valves, recalibrated VTEC mapping, reduced back pressure and a slightly higher compression ratio (from 10.5 to 11.0:1) to deliver a lissome 148kW at 7000rpm. Best of all with an ample 230Nm of torque on hand at 4200 revs, power delivery is better managed, more linear and impressively smoother than even I thought possible - kudos Honda.

Economy has also improved from what was already considered a class leader with combined figures this time round of 8.9 litres per 100km (ADR). Around town expect mid 9.0 litres whilst on the open road high 5.0L/100km suggests even more is possible through careful driving - and a more run in engine. Considering Accord Euro now weighs in at a hefty 1605kgs these figures speak for themselves and when the 2.2-litre turbo diesel arrives in 2010, Euro is certain to be a world beater.

Starting from $32,990 - $1000 less than the predecessor - the Japanese built Accord Euro is a dead set steal for the money and given the function, application, appearance and purpose is pretty hard to pass up.

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