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Mastretta MXT global debut

Lotus has come across some new competition from a very unlikely source which is set to make its global debut alongside Project Eagle at the British International Motor show.

The all-new Mastretta MXT is the first ever sports car to be designed and built entirely in Mexico, and follows the lightweight Lotus mantra.

Mastretta MXTIt uses a Ford-sourced supercharged 2.0-litre Duratec motor which develops a healthy 179kW of power and 249Nm through a 5-speed manual transmission - on par with the best the Exige has to offer.

Built around a semi-monocoque chassis constructed from bonded aluminium, the Mastretta MXT weighs in at only 900kg - 35kg less than the Exige S.

Fortunately for Lotus however, the Mastretta MXT can’t match the Lotus for dynamics, hitting 100km/h in around 5.0 seconds from a standing start and on to a top speed of 241km/h.

Right-hand drive production is expected to begin at the start of 2009 with an initial run of 80 units destined for the UK market at £32,999 (around $60,000 Australian dollars).

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