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Peugeot 504 - the future recalls the past

The brand’s epiphany will take place from this model. During an interview with Auto Bild, Jerome Gallix, design manager for the Peugeot brand, reveals moves to revive company heritage with a new family. The first to debut will be a re-edition of the of 504 coupé, originally designed by Pininfarina in 1969. The rendering, supplied by the manager, confirms the news.

Peugeot 504 -1Peugeot 504 -2This top range two door, according to the first reconstructions, will have a similar length to the 407 coupé, while engines and technological (air suspension first up), will be inherited from the C5. We also remind you that Gallix has presided over the lines of the 308 RC-Z, a muscular guarantee.

Other news give some more substance to the romanticism of the idea, with the designer claiming “I’m an admirer of the old 204 and 205, and I don’t exclude the possibility of examining them, in such a way as to lower the average CO2 emissions of the Peugeot range.”

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