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2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid shares much of its body design with conventional Honda Civics, the current Civic sedan looks futuristic compared to its predecessor, and the hybrid takes the look even further, with disc-like 15-inch alloy wheels fitted with low-rolling-resistance tires. Kelley Blue Book notes that other visual distinctions between conventional Honda Civics and the Civic Hybrid are "side mirrors with integrated turn indicators" along with "clear front turn signal lenses, mild trunk spoiler, small roof-mounted antenna and hybrid badging." Overall, reviewers tend to side with Edmunds, whose testers are "quite fond of the current-generation Civic" and its futuristic styling.

2008 Honda Civic HybridThe exterior of this hybrid-powered 2008 Honda can be described as mildly controversial, and the interior follows suit, at least in terms of the dashboard. Edmunds writes that the "digital speedometer and gas gauge are at the base of the windshield," and "some drivers find the two-tier display distracting," though "others say it makes quick visual checks of speed easier." ConsumerGuide also sings the virtues of the "two-tier instrument panel" where the "speedometer's digits are in driver's line of sight for viewing without taking focus off the road."

However, Car and Driver testers feel that the dashboard is "odd" and gives "the impression that a designer is trying a bit too hard to make the civilian Civic into a Formula 1 racer." Aside from the dashboard styling, Kelley Blue Book writes that, for 2008, Honda offers "a two-tone blue cloth interior" as standard, and Edmunds praises the "easy to operate" controls. One knock on the Honda Civic Hybrid's control design comes from ConsumerGuide, where reviewers find that "the navigation system takes time to master, has undersized buttons, and absorbs too many audio functions"; they also complain that "its screen is difficult to read in changing light conditions."

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