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Insignia Opel at the Ring Spied

The Opel Insignia has certainly made an impression since the staggered reveal of the sedan, hatch and wagon variants over the past few weeks.

Now the final iteration has been spotted prowling the Nurburgring during a stint of performance testing.

Insignia Opel-1Insignia Opel-2Whilst on paper, the Insignia may seem out of place of the world’s most infamous circuit; this is actually our first glimpse of the performance flagship OPC model.

No doubt hiding some new performance flare behind the duct tape, the OPC variant is expected to boast a new front skirt with bigger air intakes, wider sills and wheel arches, and a moulded rear lip spoiler.

Under the hood is a new turbocharged V6 power plant which should deliver over 220kW, likely mated to a performance version of the lesser model’s all-wheel drive system.

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