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Lexus to show LS460 AWD - Moscow Preview

The Moscow International Auto Show is shaping up to be a serious event. Audi is showing off the RS6 sedan, Mazda is bringing a new crossover concept, Mitsubishi will debut the redesigned Pajero Sport and plan on plenty of Lada love to spread around. Lexus is joining the ranks of other top-tier automakers showing their wares in Moscow with the unveiling of an all-wheel-drive version of its LS460 flagship.

Lexus LS460 AWD-1Lexus LS460 AWD-2The AWD system fitted to the LS460 is the same found on the LS600h, and includes a Torsen LSD integrated into the rear drive shaft that receives power from the 381 hp, 4.6-liter V8 via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. In normal driving conditions, torque is split 40/60 front-to-rear, with as much as 70 percent of the power being shoveled to the rear wheels depending on conditions.

Russia's affection for stately sedans is one of the reasons that BMW decided to launch the redesigned 7-series in the planet's largest country, and Lexus is obviously trying to tap into one of the world's fastest growing automotive markets with the introduction of the LS460 AWD.

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