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2009 Jaguar XF-R spied

Finally, some pictures of our favourite car at the moment, the Jaguar XF-R. Although Jaguar have been very tight-lipped about the car to date, these pictures prove the high-performance Jaguar XF-R is coming!

2009 Jaguar XF-R -12009 Jaguar XF-R -2Under the hood we could probably expect Jaguar’s 4.2-litre supercharged V8 which will then get upgraded to the 5.0-litre engine size – hinted by the four exhausts – to give a power of around 500 hp. Some insiders at Jaguar say the company will most likely just go with the 5.0-litre from the start.

Whatever the outcome, in a car that looks this good, the XF-R is sure to be a winner. The XF-R will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2009. Expect a comprehensive review (and video) of the Jaguar XF range soon.

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At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Car Hire Cyprus said...

I liked this model,it gives very sophisticated look.


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