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2008 Hamann BMW 6 Series

(from Hamann Press Release) Design and technology rejuvenation: The HAMANN tuning programme for the new BMW 6-series

When it comes to exclusively refining BMWs, HAMANN-Motorsport is one of the first addresses. Again, the Laupheim-based company gives proof to this by introducing its latest refinements for the new BMW 6-series. By developing an entire tuning programme not only for the coupe, but also the convertible, HAMANN-Motorsport renders an additional sportive and individual touch to the facelift already applied by BMW.

Already the design elements create this impression and increase the aerodynamics as well. The front- and rear spoiler reduce the buoyant forces of the HAMANN 6-series which has a significant effect on the carґs handling and agility. This is also achieved with an additional pair of side skirts which significantly calms the air flow between both axles. The roof- and rear spoiler also ensure the necessary surface pressure on the asphalt. Mainly on country roads with winding sections, the HAMANN-aerodynamic package unfolds its strengths and generates pure enjoyment of driving.

2008 Hamann BMW 6 Series-12008 Hamann BMW 6 Series-2At HAMANN-Motorsport, the individual wishes of our customers are also top of the list. This has been taken into account when designing the tuning package for the BMW 6-series. Due to the large interest in different optical programmes, our designers developed another aerodynamics package called EDITION RACE. This turns the BMW in an impressive sports car, as it consequently emphasizes the broadening components. New front wings, 4-part wing broadenings in the back and enormous side skirts transform the BMW 6-series into an automobile which looks like a race car from the German Touring Car Masters or other touring car championships.

But there is even more to the HAMANN sport tuning elements under the bonnet. When developing the 6-series programme, our technicians rather concentrated on evolution instead of revolution. Basically, the sport limousine has a good motorisation, therefore we put a special focus on the performance enhancement for the 630i, 650i and the diesel 635d. Adapting the motor management with up to 21 hp more and the powerful torque increase can be felt immediately when accelerating. Moreover, HAMANN customers can look forward to the Vmax abolition. This enables the 650i to boost the maximum speed from 250 to 270 km/h.

For more information about the extensive HAMANN tuning programme, please visit the web site

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