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DiMora Motorcar Natalia SLS 2

Of all the bits of vaporware out there that never seem to get any closer to reality, the DiMora has to be one of our favorites. The sheer ambition of it all involves independently developing and producing a $2 million super-sedan that would, we're sure, make the likes of Bugatti and Maybach seem downright ordinary. But first it would have to actually get built, and all we've seen to date are computer images and announcements on component and technical partnerships.

DiMora Motorcar Natalia SLS 2-1DiMora Motorcar Natalia SLS 2-2The latest to join the immaterial spec sheet of the fictitious DiMora Natalia SLS 2 (don't ask what happened to the SLS 1) is Barotex. The Californian company is developing a new material, similar to carbon fiber, but made out of volcanic rock. Complementing the Volcano V16 engine that would power the Natalia were it ever to be built, Barotex offers lightweight yet extremely rigid and flame-retardant construction.

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