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2008 Mercedes CLC-Class

Mercedes yesterday launched the latest addition to its line-up - the CLC-Class. Naming it the Sports Coupe, Merc has declared it an entry level coupe in the three-pointed star’s local offerings.

2008 Mercedes CLC-Class-12008 Mercedes CLC-Class-2In an insight into the demographic this car is aimed at, Mercedes say that this car satisfies the “discerning requirements of young drivers looking for an athletic car.” Proudly boasting that there are greater than 1100 improvements over the last Sports Coupe we saw in Australia, Mercedes is pushing the economy barrow, with a claimed seven percent reduction in fuel consumption from its supercharged four-cylinder - combined cycle is 8.4-litres/100km for the automatic. But it also says that power is now up, to a healthy 135kW from the 1.8-litre engine.

There’s also a new direct-steer system, which it’s claimed offers more agile cornering. Curiously, though, an automatic transmission is standard. If it’s supposed to be more sporty, wouldn’t the no-cost option manual have been a better fit? Not according to the company, who has gone with paddle shifters on the steering wheel, to maintain the sporty character.

Three models will comprise the line-up - the C200K Kompressor, C200K Kompressor Evolution, and C200K Kompressor Evolution +.

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