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Bentlummer - What is it??

So has Bentley finally gone ahead and built that much-rumoured SUV it has been muttering about for years?

No, it hasn't. This thing, this assault on your poor innocent eyes, is - as you might have guessed - a Hummer modified to look like a Bentley. And painted gold. Very gold.

Bentlummer-1Bentlummer-2Why? We really don't know. Suffice to say it hails from that capital of car couture, Dubai, and that the owner is heavily weighing down one end of the Money-Sense scales. We'll let you decide which end.

We mock, but we've a horrible, sneaking suspicion that this might be the next big thing among the Premiership elite. Can't decide between a Bentley and a Hummer? Have both. Bolt an Aston to the roof and you're there...

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