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BMW 6 Series Edition Sport

BMW has responded to customer demand for a tauter 6 Series by announcing the availability of a new Edition Sport trim level for the grand tourer. While the new Competition Package offers a host of modifications for the M6, the Edition Sport follows along the same lines for the rest of the 6 Series range, including both coupe and convertible models.

BMW 6 Series Edition Sport-1BMW 6 Series Edition Sport-2BMW 6 Series Edition Sport-3The package includes a restyled hood and new lightweight 19" alloys, plus stiffer anti-roll bars and the anti-roll stabilization system borrowed from the M division. Brushed aluminum trim for the cabin and fog lights also form part of the Edition Sport, along with a couple of new colors. The 650i Edition Sport also benefits from a new exhaust system. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced for the US market, but the package commands a £1500-2000 premium in the UK.

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