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Mercedes-Benz SLC Gullwing Spied

It has been a year since the first “C197” was spotted testing in the States, at that time it was a cobbled together mule with several Viper parts bolted on. This time – with obvious gullwing doors – this would be considered an early or developmental prototype.

The “Mercedes Gullwing” has often been referred to as the SLC, but we’re expecting the production version to have a new name and quite possible be under the AMG brand.

Mercedes-Benz SLC-1Mercedes-Benz SLC-2While the details are sparse, the bright silver paddle shifter is visible directly behind the steering wheel. Whether this supercar will have six, seven or maybe even eight gears is still unknown.

We can see a strip of LED, daytime running lights along the bottom of the headlight clusters. There also seem to be additional LEDs in the top section of the headlight cluster.

Other details that pop out are the large cross-drilled, slotted rotors. Those large rotors will be stopping a set of Pirelli tires. We’re also pretty sure a large Mercedes star will be dead centre on the grill much like it appeared on the 300 SL.

The Gullwing is expected to be introduced at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, with a limited run of sales for a period of two years. Production numbers will likely be around 6000 units a year and should carry a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars. We’re hearing kilowatt estimates in the 400-500 range produced from a forced-fed V8, or maybe even a V10.

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