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Nissan GT-R Nismo tuning package

While tuners from every corner of the globe have been hastily showcasing aftermarket performance add-ons for the GT-R, Nissan’s in-house tuning arm has been completely quiet - until now. Nismo has today unveiled its official Club Sports Package for the legendary GT-R - and it will only cost you around $58,000 for the privilege.

Nissan GT-R -1Nissan GT-R -2The package consists of a new tire and wheel setup, suspension, Nismo branded race seats from Recaro and a new titanium exhaust system. The wheels are a lightweight 20-inch forged aluminium product from Ray’s finished in Gunmetal grey, saving a valuable 6kg all up.

These are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE070R run-flat tires and incorporate a valve tire pressure monitoring system.The upgraded suspension package uses Bilstein Damp Tronic shock absorbers and Nismo-developed springs which have been engineered to suit the GT-R’s three distinct suspension modes.

The new driver and passenger race bucket seats were jointly developed with Recaro using a carbon shell wrapped in black leather which features embroidered Nismo and Recaro logos.

In total, they save a further 6kg each, and have been specifically designed to give added support through high-G turns - especially in the shoulders.

Finally, the exhaust system has been assembled from a mix of pure titanium and titanium alloy saving an additional 5kg while cooling has been improved with a new carbon fibre rear diffuser.

Fortunately, the entire package can be further divided into three distinct categories: chassis, seat and exhaust, which can be ordered separately - however there has been no official word on how these components actually effect performance.

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