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2008 Jaguar XJ Super V8

Heads of state, top-level business executives and the independently wealthy are the typical purchasers of limousines such as the Jaguar XJ Super V8, the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes S-Class, and they heavily favor the German offerings if sales figures are any indication. But just being rich and powerful doesn’t make them right. Certainly, the BMW and Mercedes sedans offer impressive features, capable platforms and what many consider attractive styling. But they lack what the Jaguar has in spades - character.

That’s not to say the XJ isn’t an attractive and feature-packed car, however. Radar-adaptive cruise control, satellite radio, dual headrest DVD players, airplane-style seatback trays, supple expanses of leather and luxurious deep-pile wool carpeting are spotted on the briefest of glances at the vehicle’s spec sheet. But that’s not where the charm of the XJ lies. The atmosphere in its cabin, the feeling you get looking at it from across a parking lot, the shoved-back-in-the-seat acceleration when driving with a heavy foot - these are the things the XJ does so well.

2008 Jaguar XJ Super V8-12008 Jaguar XJ Super V8-2The car does an admirable job in both of its split-personalities, a surprising result as compromise cars are usually disappointing. The Super V8 continually raises expectations - its constantly-adjusting air-ride suspension offers both fantastic ride quality and precise handling, for example. Likewise the car’s high-speed stability is so great that rear-seat passengers will have no reason to suspect a 100mph (160km/h) dash is anything but a sedate 50mph (80km/h) cruise.

The styling of the car may incorporate features reminiscent of the 1970s, but it’s an all-modern machine that equals or exceeds the BMW and Mercedes in technical ability. All-aluminum construction means lightweight despite its tremendous size, tipping the scales at just 4,006lbs (1,820kg) and stretching the tape measure to 205.3in (5.21m). At just an inch shy of seven feet wide (2.13m) it’s not a narrow car either. It will easily fill any parking spot you might find short of an RV park or all-night truck stop. But the doors are surprisingly accommodating, rarely impinging upon the next-closest car’s space, lightening the worry of damaging the car’s fabulous metallic paint.

A 4.2L supercharged 90-degree V8 engine turns out 400hp and 413lb-ft of torque, with the peak twist available at a reasonable 3,500rpm. Forced induction isn’t a common feature on moderate-displacement eight-cylinder ultra-luxury limousines, but it should be. The XJ Super V8 provides a level of acceleration and performance that belies its size and its market segment. Sub-six-second 0-60mph (96km/h) times and strong throttle response throughout the rev range make the car eminently driveable. You’d have to upgrade to the S600’s V12 engine or an AMG model to find more power in the Mercedes S-Class, and the V12 is the only engine BMW offers with more power as well - but upgrading to V12 engines is a costly proposition.

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