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2009 Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki has a new Wagon R on the market in Japan. It's joined by a new Wagon R Stingray variant as well, and the duo will set about filling the shoes of their bestselling predecessors. The new Wagon Rs don't lose their signature boxiness, but they wear all-new sheetmetal and sit on a longer wheelbase. The standard Wagon R gets a friendly face with large, tall headlamps, while the sportier-themed Wagon R Stingray gets a chrome grille strip that runs between its thinner, horizontal lamps.

2009 Suzuki Wagon R-12009 Suzuki Wagon R-2The rest follows the standard kei-car formula. Darker, more masculine colors characterize the Stingray, while the Wagon R clearly includes women in its target audience, sporting a color palette loaded with the lighter solids and pastels. Normally-aspirated and turbocharged 660cc engines are offered, mated to either 4- or 5-speed automatics or a CVT, depending on trim level. The turbocharged Stingray with CVT even gets paddle shifters to give drivers complete control over the 64 ponies corraled underhood. A snazzier, dark interior with some nifty lighting is also available in the Stingray.

Suzuki hopes to sell 18,000 new Wagon Rs every month, and if the previous generation showed us anything, we can expect to see a variety of spinoff models over time.

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