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Audi S4

The S-express has just rolled in! These are the first pictures of the new Audi S4 flagship – and it’s lean, mean and ready to go.

Audi has bucked the trend for stuffing ever bigger engines into its ‘S’ cars with this S4 – ditching the V8 of its predecessor and instead dropping a supercharged V6 under the bonnet.

Audi S4-1Audi S4-2Audi S4-3Losing the big V8 means this S4 is significantly lighter at the nose, which should improve handling, yet the supercharger means it still generates 333bhp (a loss of only 6bhp), while torque increases by 30Nm – with 439Nm now on tap!

As a result, the 0-62mph sprint is dispatched half-a-second faster, at 5.1 seconds, but fuel economy is up a substantial 26 percent! Set to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show, the newcomer loses none of the aesthetic aggression of the outgoing car, with 18-inch alloys, lowered suspension, quad exhaust pipes and trademark aluminum wing mirrors.

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