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Fiat Lotus Elise Dino

Fiat is planning a massive product offensive over the next three years and could re-launch the evocative Dino badge on a Lotus-derived sports car, CAR has learned. Not to be confused with the Dino of Ferrari fame, Fiat's version was all about affordable, stylish transport – and we could see the badge on a new Elise-based sports car due in three years' time.

Fiat Lotus Elise DinoFiat has entered into an agreement with Lotus so that it can develop its own version of the British company’s next Elise roadster. Fiat is basically repeating what Vauxhall did with the VX220; piggybacking a highly successful sports car and developing a mildly different version.

Fiat's new Dino sports car is due in 2011
The new Fiat sports car will hit showrooms in 2011, CAR has discovered. It had been thought it would use the newly resurrected Abarth badge. However the Italian firm’s CEO Lorenzo Sistino told us: 'I think it would be great to go into the small two-seater roadster market again – and it would be brilliant if we could bring back the Dino badge, too.'

Fiat launched its first model with the Dino badge in 1966. Echoing modern platform sharing techniques, it was a convertible built around the same basic chassis as the firm’s 124 Spider.

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