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2009 Volvo S40

2009 Volvo S40 offers the impressive value it used to -- the base price of the entry-level 2.4i has risen by more than $4,000 to roughly what the turbocharged T5 model cost last year. As for this year's T5, now known as the T5 R-Design, its base price has ballooned to $32,350, which pits it squarely against the aforementioned all-stars.

2009 Volvo S40-12009 Volvo S40-2To be fair, Volvo didn't just arbitrarily jack up the S40's price. A number of formerly optional or unavailable features are standard this year, such as Bluetooth compatibility, a six-CD changer and a sunroof. And as ever, the S40 carries on Volvo's tradition of offering top-notch safety features and superbly designed seats. As such, the base 2.4i is still a viable alternative for car shoppers who want the style and accoutrements of a premium sport sedan without the hefty price tag -- although the Acura TSX does offer more high-tech features and better safety ratings.

However, it's hard for us to recommend the 227-hp T5 R-Design and T5 AWD R-Design models, given their newly inflated prices. At about $28,000 to start, last year's T5 was an interesting "tweener" of a car, offering zesty performance and European sophistication for the price of a nicely optioned family sedan. But the 2009 S40 T5 R-Design now goes toe-to-toe with the A4 2.0T Quattro in the price column, despite lacking the Audi's handling prowess and all-around sophistication.

The 2.4i is equipped with a naturally aspirated 2.4-liter inline-5 that generates 168 hp and 170 pound-feet of torque. The T5 R-Design and T5 AWD R-Design receive a turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-5 that pumps out a healthy 227 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. A five-speed automatic transmission is mandatory on all models.

According to Volvo, the 2.4i will trot from zero to 60 mph in an unhurried 8.4 seconds. The T5 R-Design accomplishes the same task in a more respectable 6.7 seconds, while the AWD model's added weight results in a 7.0-second sprint. EPA fuel economy estimates stand at 20 mpg city/28 highway and 23 combined for the S40 2.4i, while the T5 R-Design comes in at 19/28/23, and the T5 AWD R-Design yields 18/26/21.

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