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Brabus C63 AMG

Got a Mercedes-Benz C63? Wanna go faster? Look no further than the German tuning house BRABUS’s B63 S performance kit. Complete with high flow catalytic converters, a less restrictive air intake and a remapped ECU, the company has managed to rummage up 73 horses from the stock 6.2-liter V8. Not too bad for bolt on modifications, if you ask us. The guys at BRABUS aren’t all about go, either.

Brabus C63 AMG-1Brabus C63 AMG-2They’ve paid equal attention the car’s suspension and brakes, dropping huge 12 piston calipers up front to squeeze the sizeable 15-inch discs. The company’s exclusive Monoblock VI alloys are dipped in sticky Pirelli rubber to keep the car planted through the corners. What about the interior, you ask? Nothing but a custom set up per customer. Cruise over to the BRABUS site to get the order going on yours.

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