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Katech Corvette Z06 Clubsport Wheels

If you think Katech’s Clubsport Z06 is as hot as can be but aren’t quite ready to part with all that cold hard cash for the full conversion, there’s good news. The guys responsible for one of the most bad-ass ‘Vettes out there are offering their trick wheels for sale separate of the full monty. The cast aluminum, shot-peened pieces are 18×9.5 up front and 19×12 out back to handle some serious rubber. No worries about breaking one, either.

Katech Corvette Z06 The company says that the wheels meet or exceed all factory specs, with its wheels able to withstand 37% more cornering load than the GM bits. Mouth watering yet? The sizeable rollers weigh just 50.5 pounds for all four corners. Not too shabby. Now for the hard part. If you want these trick dancin’ shoes, get ready to shell out $4,999.

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