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Mercedes-Benz Concept FASCINATION - More Photos And Design

Today Mercedes has published a number of additional photos and design sketches highlighting their forthcoming Concept FASCINATION design study. Because we've already detailed the model on one occassion, I'll abstain from doing so again; however, even if you caught the previous article, I highly recommend checking out the new photos and design sketches as well, as they're all really quite interesting.

Concept FASCINATION-1Concept FASCINATION-2Concept FASCINATION-3From official press release: “The design study’s elongated body is dominated by the dynamic front-to-rear sweep of its lines which gives it a dynamically charged look, evoking movement even when the vehicle is stationary. This impression is emphasized by the long, frameless, side-window line which describes a continuous arc from front to rear, uninterrupted by a B-pillar. As a result, the large load space in the rear is integrated in the vehicle body cohesively and harmoniously while also increasing the impression of length and creating a remarkable sense of lightness. The side windows can be lowered completely – one of the fundamental genetic markers of every Mercedes-Benz coupé – to provide an uninterrupted view of the stylish way in which fine materials have been used inside the vehicle”.

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