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Ssangyong C200 crossover concept will appear at Paris auto show

Though it may smack of a number of GM products, most notably Saab’s, the Ssangyong C200 Concept is one of the more original concepts to come out of the Korean company to date, and certainly one of the most attractive. On display at this year’s Paris Motor Show, the C200 will feature a modest 2.0L four-cylinder engine.

Ssangyong C200 crossover concept Rated at 175hp (130kW) it won’t be a barnstormer, but it should provide for more than adequate city driving. Being designed as an urban crossover, that’s about all it needs. The six-speed automatic transmission reportedly sends power from the four-pot mill to all four wheels, but in what percentage isn’t yet announced.

The small engine and presumably good fuel economy make the C200 compliant with Euro V emissions standards, though whether the car will eventually be manufactured remains to be seen. If it is built, it could see European sale, though unless the design is changed significantly, expect a trademark/copyright battle along the lines of BMW’s prosecution of the Shuanghuan CEO.

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