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Renault Ondelios Concept

It’s no suprise that the French carmakers will do their best to have the most interesting stands at the upcoming Paris Motor Show and so far it seems that Renault has taking the lead. After announcing the new Renault Megane yesterday, today they’ve released details another premiere, the Renault Ondelios. Not the most beautiful concept we’ve seen, the Ondelios is Renault’s interpretation of a high-end crossover.

Renault Ondelios Concept -1Renault Ondelios Concept -2First thing that stands out is the aluminium-finish grille flanked by headlamp units with LED headlights, the butterfly-type side doors and the boomerang shaped tail lights. “Ondelios is inspired by motion rather than speed and is a whole new response to the call of the open road,” said Patrick Le Quément, Renault’s Design Director.

Meant to be a luxury car, the Ondelios offers all the passengers their own Samsung interactive portable multimedia devices which they can use for sharing data or multiplayer gaming, speakers incorporated into the headrests and a multizone HVAC system enables each passenger to set the temperature to his or her own liking. The dashboard also offers a whole bunch of features, like active display skins showing driver aid and ride information, monitor at the base of the windscreen displays the different menus and pictures from the door mirror cameras, three large strip displays provide driving-related information, revs and how the hybridized drivetrain is operating and a digital speedometer.

The Renault Ondelios is built on a hybrid powertrain, which combines a 205hp (150kW) 2.0 dCi engine, with two 20kW electric motors at the front and rear, mated to a seven-speed, double-clutch gearbox. They operate in mild hybrid mode, giving the engine extra boost as required and use a brake and boost system, recovering energy during braking then delivering it to the engine to boost acceleration. The Ondelios goes from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.8 seconds, while keeping fuel consumption at 4.5 litres/100km (52.2 US mpg) and CO2 emissions at 120g/km.

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